Starstone's Director and teacher, Michael Eldridge, is a painter and photographer. In the 80s and 90s he was Director of Photography at The Arts University of Bournemouth. He has lived in Africa, New Zealand and California where he was a Fulbright Scholar and currently lives in Le Marche, Italy, dividing his time between his personal art work,  creativity retreats and workshops in the Sibillini mountains of Italy. He has lectured in the States where he ran creativity workshops, and has given talks at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the Society for Photographic Education in Carmel California. He has led workshops on Open University Summer Schools and ran The Sorgente Centre in Tuscany.

During the pandemic he has initiated an online art programme backed up with webinars for folks who feel locked out of life

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a CTI trained coach, specialising in creativity. You can see his artwork on www.michaeleldridge.net

He collaborates with artist Lorenzo Viscidi on their Red and Blue Art Factory project and with Stephen Bray on their ongoing photography project Trees and Sky

He was focus speaker on creativity at the 2014 Global Conference of the ICF (international coaching federation) at Malmo in Sweden.

Listen here to Michael being interviewed about creativity by Michelle Rumney.




Claudia Renzi, Art Coordinator e Co-direttore (Italia)


Claudia, artista in continua evoluzione e sempre alla ricerca dell'espressione più autentica di sè.

Nasce nelle Marche, si diploma presso l'Istituto d'Arte di Fermo e poi prosegue gli astudi di architettura a Roma, laureandosi nrl marzo del 2012 come Architetto Junior presso l'Università ''La Sapienza''.
Dal 2013 al 2016 collabora con l'eclettico pittore e scultore alceste Lucentini. Al suo fianco, apprende e sperimenta preziosi nozioni di grafica.
Nel corso degli anni, la creatività di Claudia fiorisce e continuando la sua ricerca personale della bellezza intesa come armonia nelle varie forme artistiche.

Nel 2016 si trasferisce in Irlanda dove incontra persone che provengono da tutto il mondo e di culture diverse arricchendo e apprendendo modi di vivere diversi da quelli che già conosciuti.

Nel 2020 torna in Italia e partecipa al Creativity Workshop sui Monti Sibillini tenuto dal maestro Michael Eldridge.
Grazie alla sua esperienza e alla collaborazione del gruppo, Claudia inizia a creare arte astratta dove inizia ad esprimersi liberamente utilizzando tele di grandi dimensioni e colori accesi, trovando una profonda connessione con la sua interiorità


Claudia, is an artist in continuous evolution and one who is always looking for the most authentic expression and value in her art

She was born in the Marche region; she graduated from the Art Institute of Fermo and then continued her studies in architecture in Rome, graduating in March 2012 as a Junior Architect at the '' La Sapienza '' University.
From 2013 to 2016 she collaborates with the eclectic painter and sculptor Alceste Lucentini; alongside whom she learns the value of experimenting with alternative ideas of graphic art.
Over the years, Claudia's creativity flourished and she continues her personal search for beauty and harmony in the various artistic genres.

In 2016 she moved to Ireland where she met people from all over the world, from different cultures and lifstyles, enriching and learning ways of living differently and expansively.

In 2020 she returned to Italy to participate in the Creativity Workshop on the Sibillini Mountains held by maestro Michael Eldridge.
Thanks to her experience and the collaboration with this group, Claudia begins to create abstract art and to express herself freely using large canvases and bright colors, finding a deep connection with her inner thoughts and feelings.




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I hope you are all still walking in love. I learnt a lot off everyone and felt inspired to be in your presence. For me it was a new experience to be surrounded by souls who understood and experienced the world as I do. I also realised I have a lot to learn and discover for myself through my own creativity and connection with nature. The trip also confirmed my passion for painting and our need to freely express ourselves in an accepting and supportive environment. Painting aside, you all gave me a real sense of belonging, it was very wholesome!  


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