Starstone's Director, Michael Eldridge, is a painter and photographer. In the 80s and 90s he was Director of Photography at The Arts University of Bournemouth and recently Professor of Painting at Siena Art Institute. He has lived in Africa, New Zealand and California where he was a Fulbright Scholar and currently lives in Le Marche, Italy, dividing his time between his personal art work and Starstone retreats and workshops. He has lectured in the States where he ran creativity workshops, and has given talks at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the Society for Photographic Education in Carmel California. He has led workshops on Open University Summer Schools and ran The Sorgente Centre in Tuscany. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a CTI trained coach, specialising in creativity. You can see his artwork on www.michaeleldridge.net


 He collaborates with artist Lorenzo Viscidi on their Red and Blue Art Factory project and with Stephen Bray on their ongoing photography project Trees and Sky


He was focus speaker on creativity at the 2014 Global Conference of the ICF (international coaching federation) at Malmo in Sweden.


Listen here to Michael being interviewed about creativity by Michelle Rumney.




Starstone Co- Director Anthony Eldridge-Rogers


Is founder of the Foundation for Recovery Coaching International and the FRC UK. He has over 30 years experience of recovery and the Recovery & Wellness field and has supported hundreds of people in transforming their lives. He has been a pioneer of the Recovery & Wellness Coaching field since 2003. He has an extensive professional background in the media as well as environmental issues. He is a fellow of the RSA.
His core role with FRC is holding the vision of the potential of coaching to transform lives and relationships and so communities.


His approach is holistic and he is an advocate of self-directed recovery and wellness built on compassion and respect. He believes creativity in all its diversity offers unlimited opportunities to develop recovery, wellness and human fulfillment.


He trains coaches to be able to work to assist people to actualize their own potential, evoke self-healing and self-determination within a collaborative approach with their clients


He and his wife family embrace Unschooling ideas for educating their children where they are sustained by the belief in the unique and and absolute willingness of children to learn what it is to be human


In early 2015 Anthony’s first book “ Become a Recovery & Wellness Coach” will be published and he is currently working on a book about Unschooling with his wife Lehla in addition to a new book about recovery, “The Power to Recover: It is in our Hands”



Starstone Co-director;  Michelle Rumney;


Is also an artist and coach who can guide, teach, lead, provoke, prod, support and inspire, show you techniques and tools, work through blocks, helping you make the most of this fantastic opportunity of having time to yourself, space around you and other people in the mix. She started Artists Adventures when living with 360+ days of sunshine in Andalucia and so loves the Italian light and atmosphere that this particular retreat offers.

See Michelle's Artists Adventures site.


Starstone leaders and inspirers


Colin Pink; Poet, Playwrite, Creativity Coach

Eleanor Darley; Painter, healer

Natasha Lythgoe; Photographer and teacher. Go to her Wild Photography

Jeff Shapiro; Author and professor in Creative Writing at Siena Art Institute, Italy

Colin Tracy; Photographer, workshop facilitator, meditative soul voyager


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I hope you are all still walking in love. I learnt a lot off everyone and felt inspired to be in your presence. For me it was a new experience to be surrounded by souls who understood and experienced the world as I do. I also realised I have a lot to learn and discover for myself through my own creativity and connection with nature. The trip also confirmed my passion for painting and our need to freely express ourselves in an accepting and supportive environment. Painting aside, you all gave me a real sense of belonging, it was very wholesome!  


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